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A new structure for the Journal of Medical Ethics
  1. Julian Savulescu
  1. The Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and the University of Melbourne, Australia

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    Over the next few issues, you will notice some changes to the Journal of Medical Ethics. Box 1 summarises the new structure for the journal.

    Box 1. Summary of the new structure of the journal

    Regular sections
 Guest Editorial
 Current Controversies (free web access)
 Leading Article (free web access)
 Peer reviewed original contributions

    New special sections
 •Teaching and Learning Ethics
 •Clinical Ethics
 •Research Ethics
 •Global Medical Ethics
 •Law, Ethics and Medicine
 •Review Essay
 Ethics Briefings
 Book Reviews
 Letters and eLetters
 News and notes

    Occasional sections
 Brief Reports
 Point of view
 Medical Student Essay

    Current Controversies will briefly describe a current issue of public interest. Informal comment will be invited from a number of commentators from a variety of disciplines. The goal of this section is to provide a publicly accessible resource to promote informed general debate. There will be free web access to the Current Controversies.

    The Leading Article …

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