Table 2

Study 2: Descriptive statistics and T test results.

Dependent variable and conditionMSDTDfP95% CI
ScapegoatingVax1.581.06−7.80191<0.0001(−1.93 to –1.15)
Risk of Hospitalisation* %Vax16.5918.30−4.63191<0.0001(−22.09 to –8.78)
Risk of Death* %Vax6.8814.76−3.78190<0.0001(−17.40 to –5.36)
Risk of Non-recovery* %Vax8.2115.92−3.75191<0.0001(−18.60 to –5.66)
  • Vax = vaccinated for C19 six months ago (without booster); U-R = unvaccinated/recovered from C19 six months ago. Scapegoating was assessed on a scale from 1 (not at all) to 6 (very much).

  • *According to data available in 2022, the chances that a 28-year old fit and healthy man who was unvaccinated and had never been infected with C19 before would get seriously ill or die if he contracts C19 was < 1% (also see Table 1 notes for additional citations).