Table 5

Reflections, total count: 84

CountSubthemesIllustrative quotes from participants
10On the pandemic
  • ‘We didn’t know, we had no idea…the Tsunami came, and it covered us.’- P16

  • ‘The quarantine was a good lesson for everybody that you can live, you can survive.’- P13

  • ‘The good thing about this time, it kind of, it was like a stress test to the [healthcare] system and basically I can say that it can unmask some of the deficiency that needs to be corrected.’ -P6

20On the personal
  • ‘I was very cautious not to go to (my father’s) house and stuff like that…but he died of COVID. I saw my father struggling with the BiPAP(non-invasive ventilation), struggling with the illness, with the disease. It’s one of the stresses or experiences of the medical (profession) … it hurts to be honest.’ -P9

  • ‘My view of life is different a bit, it’s… we run after this life and we try to do everything we can, but everything could be lost…It’s not that I don’t value life. I think of death as something that it’s ok to die you know, it’s just going to happen. And I even thought of teaching my kids, like to know that even the close ones, even your mom and your dad could have an accident and you lose them and how would you handle that. What I would want you to do if I die, you know, because I see a lot of death.’ -P10

28On people
  • ‘I think COVID really showed each person’s personality, who they are. Those who really care … you come to realize now who really cares about you, about other people and those who are a little bit careless.’- P15

  • ‘My view of the people around me changed a lot. I knew people were stupid, I am more than convinced [now] that they are stupid, that’s all.’ -P3

  • ‘Every medical staff or healthcare worker, you reanalyze it again and again, there are so many things that we take for granted … when it comes to nursing or other health allied teams you don’t really think much about their circumstances and what they have to go through to actually achieve the perfect medical care that you will take credit for because you’re on top of the pyramid [as a physician] basically.’ -P1