Table 1

Emission sources and subitems mentioned by the participants (created by the authors)

Mentioned emission sources*Most frequently mentioned subitems of the emission sources†
Heating and cooling (n=15)
Medical devices (eg, MRI or CT scans) (n=7)
Sterilisation and laundry (n=5)
Packaging waste (n=6)
Disposable medical instruments, especially their disposal (n=6)
Waste incineration (n=3)
Mobility of staff (n=4)
Hospital’s fleet and logistics (n=4)
Mobility of patients (n=2)
All otherAnaesthetic gases (n=5)
Pharmaceuticals (n=4)
Food (n=4)
Disinfectants and detergents (n=3)
Paper (n=2)
Water purification (n=1)
  • *n indicates the number of participants who mentioned the listed categories of emission sources or subitems (categories and subitems were created inductively; qualitative data were counted and reflected with numerical data to illustrate trends).

  • †Subitems were formed from responses to the following open-ended question: ‘Which sources contribute strongly to a hospital’s GHG emissions, for example, this hospital?’.

  • GHG, greenhouse gas.