Table 2

Participants’ reactions to the English National Health Service (NHS) data on the health sector’s GHG emissions (created by the authors)

Reactions after being shown NHS dataEmission source (% of GHG emissions of the NHS)Quotes
ExpectedEnergy including fuels and electricity (16)Of course, energy is an important factor, like electricity and heating. (B15, clinical staff, female, 57)
Medical instruments and equipment (13)All this single-use production is a huge issue. I can't imagine it any other way. (A2, administrative staff, male, 30)
Unexpected, but comprehensibleMobility of patients, staff, visitors (11)Yes, well, mobility was not on my mind at all, because I was thinking about the [hospital] site itself. (A13, administrative staff, female, 44)
Food and catering (6)I must admit that I hadn't really thought about food. But this is a huge impact on the environment that we make. Intensive livestock farming, meat, the amount of meat. (A9, administrative staff, male, 47)
SurprisingPharmaceuticals (12)What surprises me(…)is that the pharmacological products are so problematic. I wouldn’t have thought that actually, because they’re such small, inconspicuous pills. (B1, clinical staff, male, 49)
  • GHG, greenhouse gas.