Table 3

Codes and illustrative quotes regarding healthcare values and environmental values (created by the authors)

Healthcare valuesCommitment to providing best and most effective careIf I were to ask a professor if he pays attention to the energy consumption of his(CAT/ MRI)scanner, he would say: image quality is crucial, not energy consumption (…). (A4, administrative staff, male, 55)
Motivation to help and healThe focus is on restoring people’s health, either through medicine or care work. But to this idea of ‘I also have to use resources responsibly’ (…). People say things like ‘our current approach makes sense from a hygiene standpoint’, or ‘it’s safer this way’ and I think we have to rethink our approach here. (B15, clinical staff, female, 57)
Commitment to doing no harmOf course, this is a process [reprocessing of medical instruments], where you really have to have confidence as a patient, that the procedures being used will not be harmful . And I think there are many patients who then say: 'No, then rather at the expense of the environment and not at the expense of their own survival', because blood poisoning or its consequences are not fun. (B10, patient, female, 44)
Environmental valuesBiospheric altruismI am vegetarian because of animal welfare, but also for climate change mitigation reasons. (A7, administrative staff, male, 45)
Self-interestClimate change mitigation is basically health protection.(…)when I walk through a street with a lot of car traffic, I actually get coughing attacks, for example. My respiratory system can’t stand it. (B14, patient, female, 71)
Humanistic altruismThe necessity to somehow focus on that [climate change mitigation] in order to leave the world, the way it currently is for future generations. I think it’s a very important issue. (A5, administrative staff, female, 53)