Table 2

Adapted Ethical Framework and Benchmarks for Inclusive Research12 25

Guiding ethical principleImpact of black, indigenous and Latinx Scientists
Collaborative partnershipBreakdown historical barriers to sharing responsibilities between researchers and communities; respect for community’s values, culture, traditions and social practices
Valuable scientific questionCreate open dialogue to validly assess the community’s prospective value on the proposed research
Valid scientific methodologyEvaluate the feasibility and sustainability within the local healthcare and physical infrastructure
Fair subject selectionEmphasise the need to identify and protect vulnerable populations, particularly communities with historical maltreatment who are subject to continued mistreatment
Favourable risk-benefitAssess risk-benefit ratio considering community specific considerations (eg, values, social practices)
Independent reviewRelay the results of reviews (eg, Institutional Review Board, Federal Drug Administration) in a transparent and culturally appropriate manner
Informed consentInvolve the community in developing recruitment procedures, incentives, and linguistically appropriate materials
Respect for enrolled subjectsProvide timely communications in a transparent manner throughout the duration of the research, from initiation of study conduct to dissemination of results