Table 3

Publications included for analysis in this review

Publication detailsSection for analysis
Publication titleAuthorYearJournal/book titlePage no.Section title(s)
Words matter in the lives of transgender youth: Response to “Family discordance regarding fertility preservation for a transgender teen: An ethical case study”Clark and Virani2019 The Journal of Clinical Ethics Whole document –
In response to “Words matter in the lives of transgender youth”Quinn et al. 2019 The Journal of Clinical Ethics Whole document –
Ethical considerations in fertility preservation for transgender youth: A case illustrationChen and Simons2018 Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology Whole document –
Fertility counseling for transgender AYAsHudson et al. 2018 Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology Whole document –
Fertility preservation for a transgender teenagerNahata et al. 2018 Paediatrics Whole document –
Familial discordance regarding fertility preservation for a transgender teen: An ethical case studyQuinn, Sampson and Campo-Engelstein2018 The Journal of Clinical Ethics Whole document –
Transgender reproductive choice and fertility preservationMitu2016 AMA Journal of Ethics Whole document –
Access to fertility services by transgender persons: An Ethics
Committee opinion
Ethics Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine2015 Fertility and Sterility Whole document –
ESHRE Task Force of Ethics and Law 23: Medically assisted reproduction in singles, lesbian and gay couples, and transsexual peopleDe Wert et al. 2014 Human Reproduction Whole document –
The ethics of fertility preservation in transgender body modificationsMurphy2012 Bioethical Inquiry Whole document –
Gender reassignment and assisted reproduction: Present and future reproductive options for transsexual peopleDe Sutter2001 Human Reproduction Whole document –
Adolescents and body modification for gender identity expressionMurphy2019 Medical Law Review Pg. 635–637VI. The matter of fertility preservation
Health care provider perceptions of fertility preservation barriers and challenges with transgender patients and families: Qualitative responses to an international surveyTishelman et al. 2019 Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics Pg. 586Discussion
Towards trans reproductive justice: A qualitative analysis of views on fertility preservation for Australian transgender and non-binary peopleRiggs and Bartholomaeus2019 Journal of Social Issues Pg. 1–10, 18–22Study 1; General discussion; Conclusion
Advancing the practice of pediatric psychology with transgender youth: State of the science, ongoing controversies, and future directionsChen et al. 2018 Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology Pg. 6–9Ongoing controversies
Ethical issues in gender-affirming care for youthKimberly et al. 2018 Pediatrics Pg. 4–7Autonomy and informed consent and/or assent; Cost of care; Conclusions
Chapter 5: Fertility treatment and preservation in transgender men and womenFeldberg.2017 Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine Pg. 64–655.6 The ethical/legal status of medically assisted reproduction in transsexual people; 5.7 ART treatment for transgender men and women
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