Table 2

Checks for hermeneutic/analytical role of ethics consultants

How does the ethics consultant contribute to…Hermeneutic roleAnalytical role
Identification of ethical problems?
  • By understanding and representing views of and to others

  • By assisting in clarification of participants’ individual views

  • By creating shared understanding

  • By gathering of relevant data

  • By clarification of concepts

  • By identifying needs for consultation

  • By distinguishing ethical problems from other dimensions

Analysis of ethical problems?
  • By enabling parties to communicate

  • By attending to communicational barriers

  • By keeping distance from content

  • By articulation of overlooked aspects

  • By resisting on errors

  • By referring to/relying on norms

  • By educating parties

Solution of ethical problems?
  • By facilitating of consensus building

  • By facilitating of acceptable shared commitments

  • By offering suggestions to improve

  • By ensuring that options conform with existing ethical knowledge

  • By taking and defending own moral perspective