Table 1

Facsimile versions of the Pittsburgh Model Policy’s multi-principle strategy/point score system (as included in NJ’s Directive Number 2020-03, dated 11 April 2020, and as presented by White and Lo,2 purporting to show the status as of April 2020)

White’s and Lo’s presentation purporting to show the operant criteria in the point score system status April 2020 (left hand side) differs substantially from the version included in Directive Number 2020-03 (already reproduced facsimile, ie, exactly as shown below, in our initial analysis that White and Lo respond to,1 right hand side). In particular, and counter to White’s and Lo’s writing,2 the 11 April 2020 version from Directive Number 2020-03 includes neither essential workers nor life-cycle considerations, with assigned points. Note also that the 11 April 2020 version from Directive Number. 2020-03 does include SOFA, including points for each of the SOFA scale increments—omitted from the version supposedly showing the status April 2020. The full text of the April 11 version is also available, as of this writing, on the New Jersey Attorney General’s website listing currently active, revised and repealed Directives:
Table 1 of White/Lo response,2 purporting to show the status April 2020 (conflicting with the version in Directive Number 2020-03, to the right here)
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Table 1, included in Directive Number 2020-03, part of the embedded Model Policy dated 11 April 2020 (reproduced exactly as included already in our paper,1 to which White/Lo respond)
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  • NJ, New Jersey; SOFA, Sequential Organ Failure Assessment.