Table 4

Differences between subgroups regarding percentages of respondents rating the outcomes as quite important or very important

OutcomesHealthcare domainsProfessionsGenderAge (years)
PsychiatrySomatic careComm. careMentally dis. careNurse ass.NursesPhysiciansThera pistsManagersFemaleMale< 3940–49>50
Enhanced collaboration
 More open communication among coworkers93**98999699979692†**9898 †**92949798†**
 Better mutual understanding of each other’s reasoning and acting90***98**9696979788*90**9897†***88949696
 Greater opportunity for everyone to have their say66***87**94†***8496***8271*777986†***69768586†**
 I and my coworkers manage disagreements more constructively83*8894*88928978†*84908983838990†**
 Enhanced mutual respect among coworkers81***93*95*90100***899083**9392***82869392**
Enhanced emotional support
 Enables me to better manage the stress caused by ethically difficult situations66***85**89**67*95***84**60†***62†***7484†***63748383**
 I feel more secure to express doubts or uncertainty regarding ethically diff. sit.64***8090***7894***7657758182†***62757881
 Enhances possibility to share difficult emotions and thoughts79***91*929096**8886848691†***77868891
 Increases awareness of my own emotions regarding ethically diff. situations68***8188***7692***796967**8681**69718185**
 Strengthens my self-confidence when managing ethically difficult situations70***8694***9097***8469**78*8388†***67838485
Improved moral reflexivity
 Develops my skills to analyse ethically difficult situations87*9098**98969088901009288929191
 I see the ethically difficult situations from different perspectives86***9496*86969188909694†***83909194*
 Increases my awareness of the complexity of ethically difficult situations74**8392***7594***8368†**73**8486†***69738488†***
 Enhances my understanding of ethical theories737385**8692†***7456†***727678*70697783†**
 Develops my ability to identify the core ethical question in the difficult situation80**8695**9495**84*84859889†**79808990†**
Improved moral attitude
 Gives me more courage to express my ethical standpoint63***80*87**63*89***7657†**697879***63717976
 I listen more seriously to others’ opinions69***8192***8096***8169*65***7883**70708487†***
 I gain more clarity about my own responsibility in the ethically difficult situation76***8894**8897***8674†**819090†***71848887
 I become more aware of my preconceived notions67***8492***8394***8061†***798885†***67788481
 I understand better what it means to be a good professional72**8189**8096†***9259†***767683***69788282
Concrete results
 Consensus is gained among coworkers in how to manage the ethic diff. sit.9089908693888291938887839189
 Enables me and my coworkers to decide on concrete actions in order to manage the ethically difficult situations8493939497929282959390909493
 Find more courses of actions in order to manage the ethically difficult situations878996**92**96*8982*8910092**83889191*
On organisational level
 I and my coworkers examine more critically the existing practice/policies8582829484838285938579848285
 Contributes to the development of practice/policies in the workplace79***8795**9095**8876*79**9389†***76818890†**
 I and my coworkers become more aware of recurring ethically difficult sit.83***9196**9298**908484*9893†***80918891
  • *P<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.

  • †Also significant in multivariable logistic regression.