Table 3

Perceptions of importance of the Euro-MCD predefined outcomes, ordered on basis of importance

Possible outcomes of MCD
(bold marked outcomes also most often mentioned as as one of the five most important outcomes)
DomainPercentage of respondents indicating
Quite or very important
Total population,
(n) %
Sweden %Norway %
Outcomes viewed as quite or very important by ≥90% of the respondents
More open communication among coworkers Collaboration(672) 9794**98100
Better mutual understanding of each other’s reasoning and acting Collaboration(663) 95949795
Enables me and my coworkers to decide on concrete actions in order to manage the ethically difficult situations Concrete results(638) 9390†***9790
 Develops my skills to analyse ethically difficult situationsMoral reflexivity(634) 9288†**9495
 I see the ethically difficult situations from different perspectivesMoral reflexivity(634) 9288***9596
 I and my coworkers become more aware of recurring ethically difficult situationsOrganisational(625) 9085†***9595
Find more courses of actions in order to manage the ethically difficult situation Concrete results(620) 9085†***9495
Enhances mutual respect among coworkers Collaboration(609) 90‡82†***9992
Outcomes viewed as quite or very important by <90% of the respondents
 Consensus is gained among coworkers in how to manage the ethically difficult situationsConcrete results(608) 888690
 Enhances possibility to share difficult emotions and thoughts with coworkersEmotional support(603) 8883†***9489
 Contributes to the development of practice/policies in the workplaceOrganisational(600) 8781****9097
 Develops my ability to identify the core ethical question in the difficult situationsMoral reflexivity(599) 8783**9092
 I and my coworkers manage disagreements more constructivelyCollaboration(596) 8882†***9292
 I gain more clarity about my own responsibility in the ethically difficult situationsMoral attitude(590) 8679†***9293
 Strengthens my self-confidence when managing ethically difficult situationsEmotional support(575) 8474†***9392
 I and my coworkers examine more critically the existing practice/policies in the workplace/organisationOrganisational(571) 84848581
 Increases my awareness of the complexity of ethically difficult situationsMoral reflexivity(563) 8272***9093
 Greater opportunity for everyone to have their sayCollaboration(560) 8270†***9494
 I become more aware of my preconceived notionsMoral attitude(556) 8169†***9194
Outcomes viewed as quite or very important by ≤80% of the respondents
 Enables me to better manage the stress caused by ethically difficult situationsEmotional support(547) 8067†***9287
 Increases awareness of my own emotions regarding ethically difficult situationsEmotional support(540) 7966†***9187
 I understand better what it means to be a good professionalMoral attitude(544) 80‡70***9088
 I feel more secure to express doubts or uncertainty regarding ethically difficult situationsEmotional support(532) 7868***8691
 Enhances my understanding of ethical theories (ethical principles, values and norms)Moral reflexivity(528) 7673*7884
 I listen more seriously to others’ opinionsMoral attitude(525) 80‡67†***9194
 Gives me more courage to express my ethical standpointMoral attitude(509) 76‡64†***8589
  • *P<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.

  • †Also significant in multivariable logistic regression.

  • ‡Missing >25 respondents.

  • Euro-MCD, European Moral Case Deliberation Outcome Instrument; MCD, moral case deliberation.