Table 1

Potential outcomes of alternative actions 

Option I: Limit treatment to provide protection against financial riskOption II: Provide treatment, which contributes to financial risk
Medical prognosis of newborn*
 Case fatality rate0.500.1
 Life expectancy <1  month<<65  years
Costs of treatment for family
 Cost of treatment≈0US$64 (absolute)
US$175 (PPP adjusted)
(Additional costs for newborn with sequel)
Financial risk
 Impact on available resources†≈03 months of spending
(Additional impacts of spending on newborn with sequel)
  • *Assuming that the newborn with severe neonatal sepsis has low chances without treatment.

  • †Assuming that the family lives below the poverty line (below US$1.90/day, 2011 PPP).

  • PPP, purchasing power parity.