Table 1

Trials, sites and PTA approach

( identifier)
Investigational interventionPTA approach
Early initiation of ART to delay AIDSARTs were not freely available when the study started, yet the study committed to providing PTA to ARTs for participants post-trial for a length of time equal to that of their trial participation; ARTs were freely available through local health system when the study concluded and participants were referred to local clinics.
Suboxone and counselling to decrease drug use and prevent HIVManufacturer agreed to provide Suboxone with the intent to allow participants to complete a full course of opioid substitution therapy with Suboxone, yet the study ended early and trial sites did not have funding or capacity to offer PTA; participants were referred to methadone clinic.
Intermittent dosing of pre-exposure prophylaxisParticipants were referred to health providers for continued access to pre-exposure prophylaxis; had option of continuing to be seen at the trial sites.
Four different oral pre-exposure prophylaxis regimensAt initial study planning, no regimen was yet approved for prevention and no PTA plan was specified in the protocol. Truvada was approved for pre-exposure prophylaxis during study and as participants were nearing completion of study visits, those who wished to continue pre-exposure prophylaxis were referred to healthcare providers.
Open-label pre-exposure prophylaxis for black men who have sex with menParticipants were referred to local care providers to continue access to Truvada pre-exposure prophylaxis through the healthcare system.
Long-acting injectable PrEP (phase IIb/3)None specified in the protocol.
  • ARTs, antiretroviral therapies; HPTN, HIV Prevention Trials Network; PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis; PTA, post-trial access.