Table 2

Demographics (gender, age, grade, religion) of respondent obstetric non-consultant hospital doctors towards termination of pregnancy in the Republic of Ireland

Opinion groups*
DemographicsA (n=2)B (n=24)C (n=22)D (n=2)p Value
Age (years)
 Intern/senior house officer0781NS
  Specialist registrar1890
  • *Opinions on ToP in the Republic of Ireland:

  • Group A: I believe TOP should not be available to any woman in Ireland.

  • Group B: I believe TOP should only be allowed in very limited circumstances (examples could be a ‘real and substantial risk’ to the life of the mother, fatal fetal abnormality or rape).

  • Group C: I believe TOP should be available on request to all women.

  • Group D: I have no definite opinion on TOP.

  • NS, not significant; ToP, termination of pregnancy.