Table 2

Proportions (%) of all the physicians who agree completely (AC), agree to a large extent (ALE), disagree to a large extent (DLE) or disagree completely (DC) when asked to write a virginity certificate or perform a hymen reconstruction under certain circumstances and under no circumstances and as to whether their trust would decrease or not be influenced/would be increased

Virginity certificate (%)Hymen reconstruction (%)
Under certain circumstances
 Trust decreases (312/279)0.31.322.875.60.00.32871.7
 Trust not influenced (173/205)19.738.722.519.19.839.533.217.5
Under no circumstances
 Trust decreases (302/266)64.427.54.63.363.529.74.22.6
 Trust not influenced (160/195)
  • Decreasing trust is assumed to be equivalent to estimation the action as bad. There were significant differences between the four proportions compared (p<<0.001).