TableĀ 3

Comments regarding statements that physicians should under no circumstances write virginity certificates or perform hymen reconstructions are compared with comments regarding the statement that physicians should under certain circumstances do so

Writing certificates or performing hymen reconstructions:
Under no circumstancesUnder certain circumstances
Would support patriarchal normsIt would undermine patriarchal norms
Would jeopardise trust in healthcareWould not influence trust in healthcare
Threats against the patient not seriousTrust the females and take threats serious
Illegal (against the law)In principle against, but difficult to say no
Not possible to certify virginityDiplomatic certificates works
Hymen restoration not part of healthcareDuty to safe a patient's life
Hymen restorations do not functionSimple way of helping patients
Hymen reconstruction is unsafe and riskyHymen reconstruction is safe and not risky