Table 1

Background variables presented as proportions in relation to the two specialities, sex, experience of the issue, what would happen with their trust in healthcare of virginity certificates or hymen restoration were performed regarding the two versions of the questionnaire

Questionnaire versionsVirginity certificatesHymen restoration
 GPs (n=443)51%49%
 Gynaecologists (n=557)49.2%50.8%
 Female GPs47.8%45.2%
 Female gynaecologists65.3%67.5%
Median age 58 years (range 35–80)
 GPs<58 years56.6%43.4%
 Gynaecologists <58 years45.4%54.6%
Experiences of the issues
 Often (GPs/gynaecologists)0.9%/7%2.3%/11%
 Seldom (GPs/gynaecologists)17.3%/59%14.9%/60%
 Never (GPs/gynaecologists)81.8%/34%82.8%/29%
My trust in healthcare if performed would:
 Decrease (GPs/gynaecologists)67%/61.6%54.1%/58.4%
 Not influenced (GPs/gynaecologists)29.4%/34.3%42.9%/37.7%
 Increase (GPs/gynaecologists)3.6%/4.1%2.8%/3.9%
  • GPs, general practitioners.