Table 3

Performance of abortion and circumstances where appropriate

Performance of abortion in IrelandStudents (%)
Willingness to perform legal abortions in Ireland (n=148)
Yes49 (33.1)
No42 (28.4)
Unsure19 (12.8)
Under certain circumstances only38 (25.7)
 Circumstances in which abortion could be performed (n=37 students)YesNoResponses
  When the foetus has severe abnormalities and is unlikely to survive29635
  When the pregnancy is the result of rape27835
  When the pregnancy is the result of incest231134
  When the pregnancy is of great risk to the life of the mother (including suicide by the mother)33437
  When the mother is in psychological distress about the pregnancy112233
  When the mother would place the child up for adoption if an abortion was not obtained52833
  When the mother is the carrier of an inheritable disease92534
  When the mother is in an abusive relationship and has fears regarding the child's safety82533
  When the mother has proven to be abusive to previous children92433
  When the mother is living in extreme poverty and her child would also live in extreme poverty72532
  When the mother became pregnant from the failure of contraceptive methods102333
  When the abortion can be achieved through chemical means (ie, the abortion pill) compared with physical means (ie, dilation and curettage)181836