Table 1

Respondent characteristics of older people: 2001–2009

2001–2003 (%) N=12842005–2006 (%) N=13032008–2009 (%) N=1245
Marital status:
 Married, registered partner586260
 Never married544
 Primary education or less353026
 Secondary education515456
 Tertiary education131618
 Dutch reformed/protestant282627
Number of seven assessed major chronic diseases:
 Not depressed (CES-D <16)858588
 Depressed (CES-D ≥16)151512
Cognitive impairment:
 No cognitive impairment (MMSE ≥24)888890
 Cognitive impairment (MMSE <24)121210
  • * Primary education includes: elementary not completed and elementary education. Secondary education includes: lower vocational education, general intermediate vocational education and general secondary education. Tertiary education includes: higher vocational education, college education and university education.

  • Religion and education were measured once in 2001–2003 for the old and new cohort.

  • The seven most frequently occurring chronic diseases include: chronic non-specific lung disease, cardiac disease, peripheral arterial disease, diabetes mellitus, cerebrovascular accident or stroke, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis and cancer.

  • CES-D, Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale; MMSE, Mini–Mental State Examination.