Table 2

NICE decisions and age

YearAppraisalDecisionAge restriction
2010Rheumatoid arthritis—certolizumabYesNo
Soft tissue sarcoma—trabectedinYesNo
Hearing impairment cochlear implants
  • Yes—unilateral

  • Yes—bilateral

  • No

  • Children and adults with further disability

2009Abdominal aortic aneurysm—endovascular stent graftsYes—unrupturedNo
Influenza—zanamivir, amantadine and oseltamivir (review)Yes—at riskRelaxed at risk criteria >65 years
Renal cell carcinoma—sunitinibYesNo
Venous thromboembolism—rivaroxabanYesNo
Head and neck cancer (squamous cell cancer)—cetuximabNoNA
Multiple myeloma—lenalidomideYesNo
Hepatitis B—tenofovir disoproxil fumarateYesNo
Leukaemia (chronic lymphocytic, first line)—rituximabYesNo
Colorectal cancer (first line)—cetuximabYes if operableNo
Eczema (chronic)—alitretinoinYes if severeNo
Renal cell carcinoma—bevacizumab, sorafenib and temsirolimusNoNA
Gastrointestinal stromal tumours—sunitinibYesNo
Lung cancer (non-small cell, first line treatment)—pemetrexedYesNo
Psoriasis-ustekinumabYes if severeNo
Acute coronary syndrome—prasugrelNo except emergencies and DMNA
Cervical cancer (recurrent)—tapotecanNo except patient naiveNA
Lung cancer (small cell)—tapotecanYes if CAV (cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin and vincristine) contraindicatedNo
2008Mesothelioma—pemtrexed disodiumYes (if WHO performance status 0 or 1)No
Psoriasis—infliximabYes if severeNo
Lymphoma (follicular non-Hodgkin's)—rituximabYesNo
Structural imaging in first episode psychosisNoNA
Asthma (in adults) corticosteroidsYes>12 years
Sleep apnoea—continuous positive airway pressureYes if moderate or worseNo
Rheumatoid arthritis (refractory)—abataceptNoNA
Ulcerative colitis (subacute manifestations)—infliximabNoNA
Anaemia (cancer treatment induced)—erythropoietin (alpha and beta) and darbepoetinNo except non-transfusable and some cases of ovarian cancerNA
Ankylosing spondylitis—adalimumab, etanercept and infliximabYes if severeNo
Head and neck cancer—cetuximabNoNA
Lung cancer (non-small cell)—bevacizumab (terminated appraisal)
Psoriasis-adalimumabYes if severeNo
Coronary artery disease—drug-eluting stentsNo except small/long lesionsNo
Diabetes—insulin pump therapyYes under 12sChild–adult distinction
Hepatitis B—entecavirYesNo
Hepatitis B—telbivudineNoNA
Macular degeneration (age-related)—ranibizumab and pegaptanibYes ranibizumab No pegaptanibNo
Pregnancy (rhesus negative women)—routine anti-DYesNo
Venous thromboembolism—dabigatranYesNo
Osteoporosis—primary preventionYes with restrictionsYes
Osteoporosis—secondary prevention including strontium ranelateYes with restrictionsYes
Pain (chronic neuropathic or ischaemic)—spinal cord stimulationYes—severeNo
Lung cancer (non-small cell)—erlotinibYesNo
Organ preservation (renal)—machine perfusion and static storageYesNo
Hyperuricaemia—febuxostatNo—unless allopurinol not possibleNA
Ulcerative colitis (acute exacerbations)—infliximabYes—if ciclosporin inappropriateNo