Principal component analysis: retained items and their component loadings
ItemAttitude toNTD & APSAttitude tousing lethal drugsLife preservingattitude
1Physicians should comply with a patient’s request to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment0.79
2If necessary, a terminally ill patient should receive drugs to relieve pain and suffering, even if these drugs may hasten the end of the patient’s life0.65
3A person should have the right to decide whether or not to hasten the end of his or her life0.70−0.78
4In all circumstances physicians should aim to preserve the lives of their patients, even if patients ask for the hastening of the end of their lives0.75
5The use of drugs in lethal doses on the explicit request of the patient is acceptable for patients with a terminal illness with extreme uncontrollable pain or other distress0.87
6If a terminally ill patient is suffering unbearably and is not capable of making decisions, the physician should be allowed to administer drugs in lethal doses0.81
7Permitting the use of drugs in lethal doses on the explicit request of the patient will harm the relationship between patients and physicians0.77
8Clear wishes on withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining treatment of an incompetent patient as expressed in an advance directive must always be respected, even if this could hasten the end of the patient’s life0.74
  • Note: only items with component loading higher than 0.50 were retained in the factors.