Table 4 Physicians’ life stance and actual end-of-life decision-making
End-of-life decisionBelgiumDenmarkNetherlandsSwedenSwitzerlandAustralia
Ever performed APS?
    Roman Catholic84.0*91.655.664.886.2
    Non-religious (specific philosophy)85.097.397.578.485.292.1
    Non-religious (no specific philosophy)
    p Value0.5500.5800.3830.0260.0160.222
Ever performed terminal sedation?
    Roman Catholic30.7*40.430.823.931.8
    Non-religious (specific philosophy)35.524.345.037.039.324.3
    Non-religious (no specific philosophy)
    p Value0.0200.6580.1270.0170.2160.313
Ever performed PAD at patient’s request?‡
    Roman Catholic6.1*
    Non-religious (specific philosophy)14.516.
    Non-religious (no specific philosophy)11.16.422.
    p Value<0.0010.0360.0090.009†0.0210.018
  • Values are the percentage that had ever made the end-of-life decision mentioned; p values are from Pearson χ2 or Fisher exact test.

  • *Only life-stance groups with more than 2% of respondents in national sample were retained in the analyses.

  • †Tested with the Fisher exact test.

  • ‡Includes prescribing or supplying drugs to allow the patient to end his or her life (physician-assisted suicide) and administering the drugs.