Table 1 Life stance and importance of life stance in end-of-life decision-making by country
Response rate (%)586861606453
No of respondents175012171275151413971478
Life stance (%)
        Roman Catholic64.
        Specific philosophy*
        No specific philosophy23.937.643.936.027.036.5
    Other religions
        Other denomination0.
        Religious without denomination1.
Self-reported importance of life stance in ELDs (% important or very important)
  • *Usually humanist/existentialist: 94% in Belgium,79% in Denmark, 95% in The Netherlands, 91% in Sweden, 71% in Switzerland, 66% in Australia. The minority of physicians with other specific non-religious philosophies were mostly atheists but with Christian ethics (1.3–18.4%) and a small number of Taoists (0–4%).

  • ELD, end-of-life decision.