Table 3

Low-quality evidence on the prevalence of depression in different categories of patients

Prevalence of depression in euthanasia/PAS requestsPrevalence of depression in granted euthanasia/PAS requests
Oregon state, USA20% of all patients had symptoms of depression (28/143)29
Switzerland27% of all patients were depressed (24/90)30
At least 2% of all patients had a psychiatric diagnosis of depression (1/46), at least 4% had a psychiatric diagnosis of dysthymia (2/46)31
Non-legal: states other than Oregon, USA0% of all patients had probable major depression assessed by a psychiatrist (0/35), 9% had possible major depression (3/35), an additional 14% had depressive symptoms (5/35)32
Non-legal: Michigan, USA13% of all patients had depressive symptoms (9/69)33
  • Absolute numbers are given in brackets where available.

  • PAS, physician-assisted suicide.