Table 2

Disclosures of funding source and COI by country (n=221)

Funding source disclosureCOI disclosure
Mentioned (n)Not Mentioned (n)p ValueMentioned (n)Not Mentioned (n)p Value
All countries (n=221)67.9% (150)32.1% (71)<0.00120% (44)80% (177)NS
India (n=79)67.1% (53)32.9% (26)NS16.5% (13)83.6% (66)NS
Thailand (n=43)69.8% (30)30.2% (13)NS25.6% (11)74.4% (32)NS
Nigeria (n=34)26.5% (9)73.5% (25)<0.0018.8% (3)91.2% (31)0.078
Uganda (n=65)89.2% (58)10.7% (7)<0.00126.2% (17)73.8% (48)NS
  • p Values represent comparisons between mention and non-mention of funding source and conflict of interest (COI) in a four-way comparison by country in the first row and in two-way comparison by each country (vs all other countries) in the second to fifth rows.