Table 1

Issues identified as the source of a problem

Factors associated with the identification of a moral problemNo of cases raising the subjectPercentage of total cases
Managing inter-personal conflict/tension3955%
Termination of pregnancy1420%
Child protection1318%
Withdrawing/withholding treatment1115%
Difficulty interpreting/applying law1014%
The end of life—futility, sanctity & quality of life1014%
Balancing maternal-fetal/parent-child/maternal-paternal interests913%
Issues raised by religious beliefs or cultural practices of patients811%
Honesty & providing/withholding information710%
Issues raised by prenatal testing68%
Influence of emotions on decision-making57%
Artificial reproductive technologies34%
Outcome of care—resolution34%
Consent to treatment—children34%
Consent to treatment—adults34%
Breaching confidentiality34%
Balancing risks and benefits23%
Evaluating health benefits of alternative approaches23%
Risk management23%
Children near the end of life—responding to needs of patients and carers23%
Substance misuse in pregnancy—complex issues23%
Communication—managing language barriers23%