Table 1

Design of vignette experiment

Vignette characteristicsVignette wording
Sex of vignette doctorHer (female doctor) vs his (male doctor)
Objection sourceProfessional vs personal
Objection typeEthical vs moral
DisclosureTells vs does not tell
ReferralRefers vs does not refer
  • The vignette read as follows: A 23-year-old single graduate student presents to her OB/GYN and is found to be 8 weeks pregnant. She requests an abortion. The OB/GYN believes that to provide the abortion would violate <SEX> <OBJECTION SOURCE> <OBJECTION TYPE> standards. <He/She> <DISCLOSURE> the patient why <he/she> believes abortion is <unethical/immoral> and <<REFERRAL> her to another physician who will provide the abortion.