Table 4 Determinants of judgement of unbearable suffering (case 2)
%*Univariate OR95% CIp ValueMultivariate OR95% CIp Value
Age1.030.99 to to 1.080.51
    Female560.700.39 to to 1.370.71
Work experience
    Medium660.910.43 to 1.910.800.730.31 to 1.720.47
    Long560.610.31 to to 1.270.14
    Consultant793.962.14 to 7.320.003.171.58 to 6.390.00
    Review committee member651.930.67 to 5.590.221.660.50 to 5.580.41
  • *Percentage of respondents who judged the suffering in case 2 to be unbearable.

  • GP, general practitioner; OR, odds ratio.