Table 1 Background characteristics of the respondents
GPs (n  =  115)
    Age, years, mean (SD)49.6 (7.8)
    Sex, female35
    Years work experience as GP
    Type of practice
    Training in palliative care55
    Performed euthanasia in past 5 year70
Consultants (n  =  99)
    Age, years, mean (SD)55.4 (7.0)
    Sex, female25
    Years work experience as consultant, mean (SD)4.5 (2.1)
    Training in palliative care74
    Performed euthanasia in past 5 year59
Euthanasia review committee members (n  =  17)
    Age, years, mean (SD)59 (6.7)
    Sex, female47
    Years working as committee member, mean (SD)5.4 (2.7)
        Legal expert47
  • GP, general practitioner.