Box 2 Timetable and brief description of encounters with the PIAG
Application Number 1: Flagging
August 2003Application to MREC
October 2003Approval received from MREC of flagging activities only subject to PIAG approval. MREC states that written consent must be obtained for medical records review under the Data Protection Act 1998, and that Section 60 would not override this obligation
November 2003Application to PIAG for permission to flag men
December 2003*PIAG requests further information on institutional policies, and states that PIAG can consider an application for medical records review without written consent
April 2004*Approval received from PIAG for flagging men
Application Number 2: Medical records review
June 2004Application to MREC, for medical records review
August 2004Approval received from MREC subject to PIAG approval
Application to PIAG, for medical records review
September 2004*PIAG requests further justification for not seeking consent
December 2004*PIAG invite principal investigators to attend next meeting
March 2005*Principal investigators attend PIAG meeting
PIAG reject application for medical records review
June 2005*PIAG reject Cancer ResearchUK appeal for “opt-out” consent
September 2005Application to MREC, medical records review with consent
October 2005MREC request further information
November 2005MREC approve medical records review with consent
Application Number 3: Deceased men
January 2006Application to PIAG regarding men who die before consent can be sought
March 2006PIAG approve access to medical records without consent when a man has died prior to being approached, but with conditions