Table 2

Prevalence of emotional exhaustion and conflict over treatment decisions among US obstetrician-gynecologists

N (%)
Emotional exhaustion (burnout subscale)*
 Low475 (40)
 Moderate265 (24)
 High388 (36)
Conflict with colleagues
 Never470 (41)
 A few times a year or less522 (47)
 Once a month or less62 (5)
 A few times a month44 (4)
 Once a week11 (1)
 A few times a week12 (1)
 Daily5 (<1)
Conflict with patients
 Never457 (39)
 A few times a year or less485 (43)
 Once a month or less98 (9)
 A few times a month64 (6)
 Once a week11 (1)
 A few times a week7 (<1)
 Daily5 (<1)
  • Table presents survey-design adjusted population estimates of US obstetrician-gynecologists

  • * Mean (SD) score for emotional exhaustion was 2.60 (1.52). Categorisation cutoffs were based on normative data from previous studies (low<2.00, moderate 2.01-3.19, high>3.20)4