Table 3 Assisted suicide and euthanasia in six European countries– current official medical professional positions (bold), and developments since 2000
Allowance of doctors’ involvementAccording to
Belgiumnoneutral*Code of Medical Deontology of the Belgian National Council of Physicians, position modified in March 2006
GermanynoPrinciples of the German Medical Association, position maintained in May 2004
The NetherlandsyesGuidelines of the Royal Dutch Medical Association, position maintained in April 2002
NorwaynoEthical Rules of the Norwegian Medical Association, position maintained in June 2002
Switzerlandnoneutral (AS)Medical-ethical Guidelines of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences, position modified in December 2004
no (E)
United KingdomnoneutralOfficial view of the British Medical Association, June 2000 (confirmed by a BMA representative vote, July 2006)†
  • Unless specified, all statements refer to both assisted suicide and euthanasia

  • Italics: developments since 2000

  • * Concerns both euthanasia and assisted suicide as long as requirements of the euthanasia law (including presence of a physician) are met.

  • † Abolishing an earlier BMA representatives’ vote in July 2005 in favour of a neutral stance