Table 1

 National definitions of benefit sharing—Convention on Biological Diversity

National definitionsSource
Taking part on [sic] benefit(s) of any kind arising from utilisation of genetic resources.Czech Republic
Monetary advantages sharing deriving or not from exploitation of these genetic resources between possessors country and users, but also at the level of possessor country in taking into account local communities and traditional knowledge.Madagascar
Means the sharing of benefits arising from the use, whether commercial or not, of genetic resources, and may include both monetary and non-monetary returns.UK
It is an obligation that must be fulfilled in all actions related to access to genetic resources or to traditional knowledge. This obligation is derived from the Convention on Biological Diversity. This participation must be fair and equitable. To fulfill these essential requirements, before an authorisation is granted, there must be access to information, sufficient time for the resource supplier to independently analyse the information received and definition of control mechanisms regarding the use that will be given to the elements being accessed.Costa Rica