Table 1 Patients’ motivations and therapeutic misconception
Important (%)Not important (%)Not relevant (%)
For the advancement of research, of medicine249 (89)24 (9)6 (2)
To benefit others222 (80)45 (16)12 (4)
To benefit from the best treatment*193 (69)44 (16)42 (15)
Because I trust my physician161 (58)74 (26)44 (16)
To benefit from more comprehensive care149 (53)81 (29)49 (18)
Because the treatment is not available otherwise98 (35)74 (27)107 (38)
Because there is no choice67 (24)67 (24)145 (52)
Because it is interesting, out of curiosity60 (21)142 (51)77 (28)
Because I know other persons who did it12 (4)24 (9)243 (87)
  • N indicates the number of respondents

  • *All patients answered this item, even if they were not included in a therapeutic protocol. This was because a diagnostic protocol could also be expected to result in a more appropriate treatment choice. Of the 162 patients in a therapeutic protocol, 131 answered “very important” and 16 “not important”.

  • The table lists responses to the following: “I will read a series of statements that may represent reasons to participate to a research protocol. I would like you to tell me whether, for you, these reasons were important, not important or not relevant.”