Table 1

Spontaneous responses from LRECs regarding psychiatric studies

ResponseNumber giving response (total=107)Percentage
Level of problems with psychiatric studies
    Few problems2826
    Few if psychiatrist available2624
Problematic ethical issues
    Informed consent6460
    Continuation of a beneficial therapy, (post trial)0303
    Genetics & psychiatry0303
Specific groups and conditions raising concern
    Acute psychiatric patients0303
    Patients compulsorily detained0707
    Learning disability0303
Concerns relating to methodology
    Use of placebo & “washout” periods1817
    Validity of psychiatric questionnaires & instruments1615
    Inexperienced researchers & adequacy of supervision0505
    Recording (video/audio) of interviews0202
    Same patients in multiple studies - `research fatigue'0404
    Access to patients should be via responsible doctor0303
    Qualitative research0707
    Inaccessible psychiatric “jargon”1413
Guidelines required regarding psychiatric research
    None, or a simple checklist0908
    Guidance that does not conflict with existing advice0807
    Guidance about what psychiatric research is valuable0505