Table 1

Characteristics of older adults and informal caregivers

Older adults (n = 300)Informal caregivers (n = 434)
Age73.9 (SD6.7)57.4 (SD11.9)
Sex (female)64.8%78.2%
Marital status
Years of schooling8.8 (SD3.8)13.0 (SD3.9)
Kinship to the cognitively impaired
Legal guardian of the cognitively impaired55.9%
Has drafted treatment advance directives31.3%
Has drafted research advance directives7.1%
Knows a cognitively impaired person35.8%
General health status
    very good25.8%
    average or poor18.5%
Previously invited to participate in research11.4%26.9%
Previously invited to provide a substituted consent for the cognitively impaired25.6%