Table 5

 Potential caseload of ethicists

SiteNo of beds per ethicistNo of ICU* beds per ethicistNo of outpatient visits per year per ethicist†No of emergency room visits per year per ethicist‡
*ICU beds include other types of special care beds as described in table 1.
†Outpatient visits are rounded to the nearest thousand. Outpatient visits include community and programme visits but do not include day surgeries.
‡Number of emergency room visits is rounded to the nearest hundred.
§At the time the study was conducted site 1 did not have a paid ethicist. The numbers reported in parentheses are the actual number of beds, ICU beds and outpatient visits at the site.
¶Average calculated including all sites.
**Average calculated including all sites, except site 1 (no paid ethicist).
††Average calculated including all sites, except site 1 (no paid ethicist) and site 6 (outlier).
(992)(6)(214 000)No ER
254614519 0003600
321641177 00026 900
446248635 00037 000
555060503 00055 600
624501881 375 000102 800
7540No ICU beds113 000No ER
887349876 00073 300
937226194 00061 800
Average¶77848511 77840 111
Average**75153549 00045 125
Average††50834431 00036 886