Table 1

 Description of settings

SiteFocus of hospital services and activities*Location (no of sites)No of bedsNo of intensive care beds
*All sites identified patient care, teaching, and research as primary areas of focus.
ICU, intensive care unit.
1Geriatric Jewish faith based6992 (300 hospital, 472 long term, 220 supportive housing units)0 ICU; 6 concentrated care
2Mental health and addiction Community based health promotion and prevention45460 ICU; 14 psychiatric intensive care
3Paediatric138936 critical care; 38 neonatal ICU
4Women and infant care, surgery, oncology Jewish faith based346214 ICU; 34 neonatal ICU
5Trauma and inner city care Catholic faith based155060 ICU
6Trauma, women’s health, cardiology, oncology, musculoskeletal care398075 ICU
7Rehabilitation5540 (300 complex continuing care, 240 rehabilitation)0 ICU
8Oncology, blood disorders, cardiovascular, transplantation, neurology, community health387349 ICU
9Community outreach137216 coronary/medical ICU; 10 ICU