Table 4

 Preferences elicited using the tool (intervention group only; n = 75)

Responsen (%)
*Numbers are larger than for the intervention group (where n = 40) because 35 patients had the tool administered but subsequently became too ill to complete the study.
Preferences for information about the illness and treatmentPreferred not to know2 (2.7)
Preferred limited information21 (28.0)
Preferred to know all the details52 (69.3)
Previous experience of information about the illnessToo little14 (18.7)
About right61 (81.3)
Too much0 (0.0)
Preference for family/carer informationYes, may discuss71 (94.7)
No, prefer not4 (5.3)
Specific family members not to be given informationNamed12 (16.0)
None named63 (84.0)
Specific family members to be present for informationNamed46 (61.3)
None named29 (38.7)
Advance directive or living willAlready made7 (9.3)
Wanted to make1 (1.3)
Not wanted43 (57.4)
Not asked24 (32.0)
Decision-making preferencesDoctors to decide13 (17.3)
Combined decision27 (36.0)
Self or family to decide9 (12.0)
Other preference11 (14.7)
Not asked15 (20.0)