Table 3

 Doctor outcome measures in control and intervention groups

Outcome measure confidence in:Mean (SD) VAS (in control group n = 75*)Mean (SD) VAS (in intervention group n = 52*)Mann–Whitney U test†
VAS, Visual Analogue Scores 1–10, 0, not at all confident; 10, very confident.
*Numbers larger than for patient outcome measures because doctor interviews were completed even when patients had become too ill to complete the study.
†This compares difference between VAS of the control and intervention groups and not just difference between mean VAS, although mean VAS are reported here for reasons of space.
Matching information to patient preference7.24 (2.18)8.56 (1.79)1198.50
Matching family communication to patient preference7.14 (2.76)9.06 (1.11)1109.00
Knowing patient preference for involvement in decisions7.28 (2.34)8.31 (SD 2.07)1438.00
p = 0.014
Matching future decisions to patient preference6.65 (2.68)8.00 (2.31)1305.00
p = 0.004