Table 3

Vignette 3 Arteriopath with an acute abdomen

*The responses to the vignettes which reflect ethical rather than medical reasoning.
    Admit178 thought the patient required hospital treatment
6 thought the patient required a diagnosis
1 thought the patient required a diagnosis and treatment
1 wanted admission for relief of patient distress
1 did not want to admit the patient because of age* but felt “unable to sit on an acute abdomen”
    NH care0
    Admit135 would admit for diagnostic reasons
6 would admit for treatment
1 would admit for pain control
1 considered it to be a surgical emergency and felt that not admitting would equate to euthanasia*
    NH care21 felt the surgical risk was too high
1 knew the surgeons would not operate
    Unsure32 felt inadequate information was provided
1 felt it was up to the patient*