Table 3

 Benefits of improved standard of care in research

Healthcare systemResearchersCommunitiesPolicy makersEthics/human rights
STD, sexually transmitted disease.
Increased resources for careEnhanced accrual and retentionImproved health careEvidence that new interventions can be implemented into healthcare system, and how Establishment of partnerships to implement policy changeConcordance with ethics and human rights documents
Better training for providersImproved adherence to protocol/visit schedulesIncreased trust in health systemIncreased ability to deal with external challenges to ethics of a trial
Opportunities for integration of servicesIncreased trust of participants and familiesIncreased trust in researchersImproved international relations through cooperative partnershipsSafeguard for participants from research related harms
Opportunities for partnershipIncreased legitimacy of researchIncreased HIV/AIDS health seeking behaviour
Opportunities for enhanced coordination among donorsPossible improved reporting of sexual behaviourIncreased awareness of HIV prevention
Better climate conducive to future researchClearer trial resultsPreparation for implementation of successful interventions
Willingness to enrol in future trialsDecreased stigma around HIV/STDs