Table 2 Experiences and practices regarding error discussions
Question (verbatim)% who agreed or answered “yes”p Value
When I was a student or resident, I was able to observe (at least once) a more experienced clinician discuss his or her medical mistake with me or another clinician.493261<0.001
When I was a resident, my residency training programme provided [or provides] a supportive environment that helped [or helps] residents talk about their medical mistakes.492764<0.001
I know at least one colleague who would support me if I needed to talk with him/her about a medical mistake I made.8992870.12
I usually discuss my medical mistakes with colleagues.7370760.22
I have tried (at least once) to serve as a role model to students or residents by discussing one of my own medical mistakes with them.5767510.003
I usually tell my spouse/significant other, or a family member or close friend outside of work, about my medical mistakes.6563660.71