Table 1 Attitudes regarding errors and discussions with colleagues
Question (verbatim)% who agreedp Value
The following reasons motivate me to discuss my medical mistakes with my colleagues:
    To learn whether they would have made the same clinical judgments and decisions I did9193900.34
    To allow them to learn from my mistakes8072850.004
    To receive their support and understanding7979780.95
    To unburden myself6061600.78
Discussing my medical mistakes with my colleagues strengthens my professional relationships with them.7068710.56
It is hard for me to talk about my mistakes with my colleagues because I think it will damage my professional reputation.2724300.27
In general, when thinking about disclosing medical mistakes, I am concerned about the following possible consequences:
    Loss of reputation from colleagues6154670.01
    Blame from colleagues5647620.008
When I make a medical mistake, I am my own worst critic.9292920.97