Table 1

 Religious groups surveyed

Religious groupOfficial reply from leader/representative
AnglicanCanon of the Anglican Church, Chester, UK
BuddhistsHead of London Buddhist Vihara, London, UK
Chinese Multicultural SocietyChairman of Chinese Multicultural Society, Birkenhead, Merseyside, UK
Greek OrthodoxArchbishop of Thyateria and Great Britain, London, UK
Jehovah’s WitnessChairman of the Hospital Liaison Committee for Jehovah’s Witness Liverpool, UK
JewsRabbi of Childwall Synagogue, Liverpool, UK
HindusHead of The Swaminarayan Hindu Mission, London, UK
MethodistHeadquarters, London, UK
MuslimsOfficial Islamic Institute of Fatwa, Cairo, Egypt
QuakersRepresentative, Heswall, Wirral, UK
Roman CatholicCatholic Bishops Joint Bio-Ethics Committee, Glasgow, UK
Salvation ArmyAssistant Chief Secretary, London and Medical Consultant, International Headquarters, West Yorkshire, UK
SikhsGuru Nanak Gurduwara, Birmingham, UK