Table 1

Comparative analysis of breast self examination (BSE), breast awareness (BA), and the NHS Breast Screening Programme (NHSBSP)

FrequencyWhat to look out forWho does it?Where?How?Concept of normality and target
BSE MonthlyLumps, thickening, etc, that can be seen and feltWomanLying on a bed, in the bath, etcSystematic looking and feeling, as taughtClinical individual
BA DailyChanges “unusual for you” that can be seen and feltWomanDuring personal hygiene (bath, shower, while dressing)Looking and feeling (including sensations of discomfort)Personal individual
NHSBSP Every three years, women aged 50–64 who fulfil eligibility criteria“small changes” invisible to womenRadiographerNHS screening unitX rayCellular population