Table 4

Processes of ethics consultation and case resolutions

Patients' rights ethics committees (N=18)Informal ethics committees (N=10)
Table contains descriptions for the 18 patients' rights ethics committee consults and 10 informal ethics committee consults for which full case data were available.
Ethics consultation processes
Met with provider bringing case18/18 (100%)10/10 (100%)
Met with patient14/14 (100%)3/4 (75%)
Met with family6/8 (75%)4/6 (67%)
Suggested medical consult1 (6%)0
Suggested clergy2 (11%)0
Suggested psychiatric consult1 (6%)2 (20%)
Tried to resolve case12/17 (71%)2/9 (22%)
Case resolution
Compulsory or advisory decision15 compulsory, 3 advisory9 advisory, 1 no decision
Decision agreed with perspective of provider presenting case12/15 (80%), 3 presenter perspectives unknown8/8 (100%), 2 presenter perspectives unknown