Table 2

Proportion (%) of physicians deciding to withhold a treatment in the given patient scenarios according to specialty

Treatment/examinationScenarioAllSurgery (N=175)Medicine (N=184)GP (N=316)Oncology (N=54)
Withhold, 4–5 on Likert scale 1–5 “definitely would not withhold - definitely would withhold”. Statistical significance by Chi-square test in cross-tabulation to three decision categories (Likert 1–2, 3 and 4–5). Differences between Original scenario, Alternative 1 and Alternative 2 were all statistically significant (p<0.001) by Friedman's test.
Blood transfusionOriginal scenario (OS)8281788583
A1 (OS + family's appeal)6673586770p=0.046
A2 (OS + advance directive)9495929496
Chest X-rayOriginal scenario (OS)5953605979p=0.011
A1 (OS + family's appeal)4844454965
A2 (OS + advance directive)8180848085
Laboratory testsOriginal scenario (OS)5956575881p=0.019
A1 (OS + family's appeal)4548404266p=0.033
A2 (OS + advance directive)8385838194
Pleural drainageOriginal scenario (OS)5649595670p=0.014
A1 (OS + family's appeal)4744494557
A2 (OS + advance directive)8075867981