Table 1

Questions and answers to the case scenario

Question Answer (proportion answering yes)
1. In the initial management would you perform
    simple contrast enema only?Yes/No3/23
    diagnostic colonoscopy?Yes/No14/23
    therapeutic colonoscopy?Yes/No
    No intervention6/23
2. Would you operate or perform further investigations with a view to operating upon this patient?Yes/No8/23
3. If peritonitis was evident, would you operate?Yes/No7/23
4. If the relatives felt operation should be performed would this change your mindYes/No6/23
5. If the patient had completed an advance directive to withhold treatment, would you comply with this against a relative's wish?Yes/No16/23
6. If the level of dementia were different, would you intervene? (the above case is severe)
    Would you intervene if the patient were 50 to 60 years old?Yes/No14/23
7. What would you expect the life expectancy of a person with dementia to be?Median number of years (range)
Multi-infarctAlzheimer's type
    Mild5 (1.5–15)5.5 (1.5–15)
    Moderate3 (0.6–10)3.5 (1–10)
    Severe1 (0.5–5)1.5 (0.5–9)
8. Any other comments?